Licensed producer of Sequoia 300 and 301.
Abbreviated form of Government Aeronautical Systems Technology, Pretoria, which designed Atlas NGT trainer and is developing Hummingbird light 2-seater.
Formed 1967 at Kempton Park to produce RSA.200, modified version of Italian Partenavia P.64B high-wing 4-seater.
Air Nova (Pty) Ltd had brief 1975 existence marketing plans and kits of Reed Falcon aerobatic biplane derived from Rooivalk.
Atlas Aircraft Corp. of South Africa (Pty) Ltd formed 1963. Main facilities at Kempton Park manage aircraft, missile and engine programmes, major work being licensed-production of Impala (based on Aermacchi…
Bengis Aircraft Co. is producing TM20B Flamingo III (M-20 Mewa under PZL Mielec licence) and may assemble/produce An-28.
Celair (Pty) Ltd is producing own-design Eagle 300 6-seater (4 April 1990). Design rights offered for sale 1993.
Composite Aircraft Industries formed 1986 to build SE-86 8-seater (2 piston or turboprop engines).
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research produced series of SARA (S. African research autogyro) aircraft 1971-82.
DENEL AVIATION (Division of Denel (Pty) Ltd) Predecessor Atlas Aircraft Corporation founded 1964 by Bonuskor as private company; delivered first Impala Mk 1 (Aermacchi MB-326) jet trainers to SAAF 1966;…
Durban Aircraft Corp. formed September 1962 to continue production of Aeriel III, improved Piel Emeraude previously marketed by Genair.
Common name for General Aircraft (Pty) Ltd, formed at Durban 1958 to fly Aeriel Mk II based on Piel Emeraude, flown October 1959. Work taken over by Durban.
Helicopter Manufacturing Co. founded by Marquand Vos to build Springbok 2-seat helicopter, demonstrated Cape Town July 1964.
LAMMER GEYER AVIATION The company's first aircraft flew in Dcember 2002 and is now available as a kit.
Formed 1975 by Air Nova to produce and market Explorer/Observer; see Patchen.
Rotorcraft SA (Pty) Ltd formed February 1963 at Cape Town to develop Minicopter light autogyro. Sales confined to S. Africa, ending 1969.
South African Air Force (SAAF) assembled 4 Hartbees at Cape Town and built 65 more at Roberts Heights 1937-8. In 1980s converted over 40 C-47 to stretched turboprop C-47TP Super…
Name adopted by Atlas Aircraft Corp. from 1992 for international civil marketing, as division of Denel (Pty) Ltd. Defence contracts continued to use name Atlas within Simera division.
C.H.J. Van Aswegen built Bergwind single-seater (1976) followed by Vansin 4-seater (May 1979).
Vliôm Development, Randburg 2125, worked on unique VTOL with trike unit suspended from shrouded lift/cruise proprotor 1967-75.
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