UTVA formed at Zemun, 5 June 1937; to Pančevo 1939. The first company title was UTVA Fabrika Aviona. First major product UTVA-56 4-seat monoplane (22 April 1959). Over 20 derived versions followed including ag, ambulance and seaplanes. In 1983 title UTVA-Sour Metalne Industrije, RO Fabrika Aviona, main programme UTVA-75 2-seat multirole (19 May 1976), 150+ built. Lasta military trainer (2 September 1985) being redesigned as Lasta 2. UTVA maked parts for 737, 747 and 757, Orao/IAR-93, Super Galeb and Optica and planned to make complete FLS Optica and Sprint and Croplease Fieldmaster. The factory was heavily damaged during NATO air strikes on 24 March 1999, at which time development work on the G-4M Super Galeb, Lasta 2 primary/basic trainer and Utva-96 ceased. In late 2003 the company announced that it was restarting work on the Utva-96.

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