Prva Srpska Fabrika Aeroplana Zivojin Rogojarsky was established 1925 in Belgrade, first Serbian aircraft factory. Built for Yugoslav air force Brandenburg biplane trainer, RWD.8, and indigenous Rogojarsky types. First was undesignated reconnaissance biplane designed by Rudolf Fizir (1932), followed by SIM-II parasol trainer by Sima Milutinović. PVT parasol advanced trainer (1934) designed by committee of 5 including Milutinović and Fizir was very successful; including improved P-100 over 220 built, some being seaplanes. Milutinović designed SIM-X primary trainer (1936, 190 in several versions), SIM-VI, VIII and IX light tourers and trainers, SIM-XIV-H twin-engined reconnaissance seaplane (8 February 1938, 30 delivered before German invasion) and R-313 twin-engined bomber/recon aircraft (1940, prototype crashed escaping from Germans April 1941). A committee designed IK-3 fighter (May 1938), 12 built, claimed 11 Luftwaffe aircraft before having to be destroyed on ground during retreat 1941.

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