TYPE: Side-by-side lightplane/kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Sequoia Aircraft markets plans and kit to build improved version of Falco F.8L high-performance monoplane, designed in Italy by Ing Stelio Frati of General Avia and first flown on 15 June 1955. Italian production totalled 76; kit version first flown 1974.

CUSTOMERS: Some 75 flown by mid-2003, in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, UK and USA.

COSTS: Kit: US$96,000 (2001) including propeller but excluding engine. Plans: US$400. Extra costs to complete estimated by manufacturer as US$13,000.

DESIGN FEATURES: Streamlined low-wing, retractable-gear monoplane. Quoted build time 2,000 hours.
NACA 642212.5 wing section at root, NACA 642210 at tip. Wing dihedral 5°, washout 3°. Tailplane section NACA 65009.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual.

STRUCTURE: Entire airframe has plywood-covered wood structure, with overall fabric covering and glass fibre wing fillets. Optional metal control surfaces.

LANDING GEAR: Retractable tricycle type. Steerable nosewheel. Cleveland single calliper disc brakes. 5.00-5 mainwheels and 4.00-5 nosewheel.

POWER PLANT: One 119 kW (160 hp) Textron Lycoming IO-320-B1A is standard for kitbuilt aircraft, driving Hartzell HCC-ZYL-1BF/F7663-4 two-blade constant-speed metal propeller. Optional engines for which Sequoia offers installation kits are the 112 kW (150 hp) IO-320-A1A and 134 kW (180 hp) IO-360-B1E. Fuel capacity 151 litres (40.0 US gallons; 33.3 Imp gallons). Optional 11.4 litre (3.0 US gallon; 2.5 Imp gallon) header tank to permit inverted flight.

ACCOMMODATION: Two seats, side by side; child's seat or baggage area to rear. Dual controls.