TYPE: Six-seat utility transport.

PROGRAMME: Development of Saratoga II HP. Rolled out 15 July 1997; FAA certification 21 July 1997; first customer deliveries August 1997.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Saratoga IITC: Standard version, as described.
6XT: Fixed-gear, described separately.

CUSTOMERS: Total of 26 delivered in 1997, 48 in 1998, 46 in 1999, 70 in 2000, 68 in 2001, 45 in 2002, and 23 in the first nine months of 2003.

COSTS: Standard, equipped US$472,200 (2003).

The description for the Saratoga II HP applies also to the Saratoga II TC except:

DESIGN FEATURES: New interior and relocated battery and ground power receptacle.

POWER PLANT: One 224kW (300 hp) Textron Lycoming TIO-540-AH1A turbocharged flat-six engine, with automatic wastegate, driving a Hartzell three-blade constant-speed metal propeller. Fuel as for Saratoga II HP.