TYPE: Civilian version of C-130.

PROGRAMME: Initial variants described in earlier Jane's; current models below.

VARIANTS: L-100-20 (Model 382E): Fuselage stretched by 2.54 m (8 ft 4 in); certificated 4 October 1968; Allison 501-D22A engines; one L-100-20 is Lockheed HTTB testbed; military/government operators listed under C-130 entry.
L-100-30 (Model 382G): Fuselage stretched 2.03 m (6 ft 8 in); military operators listed under C-130 entry; first operator Saturn Airways in December 1970.
L-100-30HS: Hospital version fitted by Lockheed Aircraft Service, with operating theatre, intensive care, advanced anaesthesia and X-ray facilities; five delivered to Saudi Arabia; electrical generators and air-conditioners in underwing pods allow hospital to operate independently for 72 hours.

CUSTOMERS: See above. Total 111 commercial Hercules delivered (some in military use); operated at various times by 51 companies.

DESIGN FEATURES: Details of C-130H apply to L-100, except as detailed below. All C-130s and L-100s delivered since April 1984 have two 0.61 x 1.22 m (24 x 48 in) emergency exits which, together with rear personnel doors, allow carriage of 79 passengers; optional additional exit each side allows for 100 passengers; supplemental oxygen provided for passengers; various galley and toilet layouts available.



LANDING GEAR: As for C-130H, except mainwheel tyre pressure 3.24-7.38 bars (47-107 lb/sq in) and nosewheel tyre pressure 4.14 bars (60 lb/sq in).

POWER PLANT: Four 3,362 kW (4,508 shp) Allison 501-D22A turboprops.