TYPE: Tandem-seat sportplane kitbuilt; tandem-seat turboprop sportplane kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Prototype (N620L) first flown by Performance Aircraft Inc in 1996 with Chevrolet V-8 engine; subsequently converted to Turbine Legend with Walter M 601E turboprop; public debut in turboprop form at EAA Sun 'n' Fun at Lakeland, Florida, in April 1999.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Legend: Piston-engined version, powered by one 429 kW (575 hp) liquid-cooled Chevrolet V-8 driving a three-blade Hartzell propeller via a Geschwender 2:1 reduction gearbox. Wing span 8.22 m (27 ft 0 in). Ventral (P-51-type) air scoop.
Turbine Legend: Turboprop version, as described.
JC 100: Designation of Turbine Legend built in 2000 by Toys 4 Boys at Deland, Florida.

CUSTOMERS: By second quarter 2003, 35 kits had been sold and at least eight aircraft were flying, including one in Canada.

COSTS: Fast-build kit, less engine US$119,700 (2003). Engine (new) US$104,000 (1999).

DESIGN FEATURES: Highly streamlined, low-wing monoplane with sweptback tail surfaces and steeply raked windscreen. Tapered wings and mid-mounted tailplane. Optional winglets. Quoted build time: 2,500 hours, standard; 1,900 hours fast-build. Roll rate 190°/s.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and mechanical; horn-balanced elevators and rudder; three-axis electric trim; electrically actuated slotted flaps, maximum deflection 38°.


LANDING GEAR: Retractable tricycle type; mainwheel size 15x6.0-6, nosewheel size 5.00x5; mainwheels retract inwards, nosewheel rearwards; steering by differential braking; dual disc brakes standard.

POWER PLANT: One Walter M 601 turboprop, rated at 540 kW (724 shp) for take-off and 490 kW (657 shp) maximum continuous, driving an Avia V 508E/84 three-blade, constant-speed, reversible-pitch feathering propeller. Fuel contained in integral tanks in outer wings 379 litres (100 US gallons; 83.3 Imp gallons); optional tip tanks, combined capacity 95 litres (25.0 US gallons; 20.8 Imp gallons); three optional extra tanks in fuselage, total capacity 167 litres (44.0 US gallons; 36.7 Imp gallons).

ACCOMMODATION: Two persons in tandem under rear-hinged, upward-opening canopy with fixed single-piece windscreen. Dual controls standard.