TYPE: Tandem-seat ultralight kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Originally produced by Laron; meets Transport Canada TP 10141 requirements.

CUSTOMERS: Over 30 sold and 25 flying by mid-2002.

COSTS: US$9,500 (2001).

DESIGN FEATURES: High-wing monoplane with high-life wing and pusher engine; cockpit enclosure optional. Quoted build time 250 hours.

FLYING CONTROL: Manual. Full-span Junkers ailerons.

STRUCTURE: Welded metal tube fuselage. Preformed glass fibre nosecone.

LANDING GEAR: Fixed, wide-track tricycle type; ski and float options. Steerable nosewheel.

POWER PLANT: One 47.8 kW (64.1 hp) Rotax 582 two-cylinder two-stroke engine; options include 34.0 kW (45.6 hp) Rotax 503 and 47.7 kW (64 hp) Suzi Air. Fuel capacity 38 litres (10.0 US gallons; 8.3 Imp gallons).