TYPE: Aerobatic two-seat biplane.

PROGRAMME: Developed from Pitts S-2 series of two-seat biplanes using wing design from Curtis Pitts. Uses S-2B basic fuselage structure mated to new wings.

CUSTOMERS: 55 build by September 2002; four delivered in 2002.

COSTS: Basic price US$188,635 (2002).

DESIGN FEATURES: Compact, positive-stagger, single-bay biplane; constant-chord wings, upper of which sweptback; wire-braced, elliptical tail surfaces. Optimised for aerobatic performance. Differs from S-2B in having symmetrical ailerons; squared fin-, tailplane- and wingtips; metal fuselage undersides removable for easier maintenance. Stretch-formed compound-curved engine cowling. Rate of roll is greater than 300°/s.
Wing sections NACA 6400 series on upper wing, 00 series on lower wings. Both wings have 1° 30' incidence and lower wing has 3° dihedral.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Rudder and elevators aerodynamically balanced. Compared to S-2B, the S-2C only has a trim tab on starboard elevator.

STRUCTURE: Fuselage 4130 steel tube with wooden stringers, aluminium top decking and side panels; remainder Dacron covered. Steel tube, Dacron-covered fixed tail surfaces; Dacron-covered control surfaces.

LANDING GEAR: Tailwheel type; fixed. Bungee suspension in protective legs. Mainwheels 5.00-5; tyre pressure 2.34 bar (34 lb/sq in).

POWER PLANT: One 194 kW (260 hp) Textron Lycoming AEIO-540 flat-six driving a Hartzell C7690E 'Claw' three-blade aerobatic constant-speed composites propeller. Fuel capacity 110 litres (29.0 US gallons; 24.0 Imp gallons) of which 106 litres (28.0 US gallons; 23.3 Imp gallons) are usable; for aerobatic flight, the 19 litre (5.0 US gallon; 4.2 Imp gallon) wing tank is not used. Oil capacity 11.4 litres (3.0 US gallons; 2.5 Imp gallons).

ACCOMMODATION: Pilot and passenger in tandem under one-piece rearward-sliding canopy; single-piece windscreen. Optional replacement upper decking for single-seat operation, comprising front cockpit flush fairing and shortened canopy.

EQUIPMENT: Options include custom paint and exterior design, electronic gauges, custom parachutes, and canopy covers.