TYPE: Agricultural sprayer.

PROGRAMME: Prototype first flew 1 December 1995. Certification completed 6 June 1996 and deliveries began the following month. Aircraft fits into Air Tractor range between AT-502B and AT-802A, being AT-502 with increased wing and tail spans, plus taller fin.

CUSTOMERS: Total of 109 sold by early December 2002. Production continued in 2003.

COSTS: Standard AT-602 with PT6A-60AG US$843,500; with customer-supplied engine US$368,900 (2003).

Description generally as for AT-401, except that following.

POWER PLANT: Choice of 783 kW (1,050 shp) Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-60AG turboprop, or PT6A-65AG of 966 kW (1,295 shp), driving a Hartzell five-blade constant-speed reversing propeller. Fuel capacity 818 litres (216 US gallons; 180 Imp gallons); optional fuel capacity 1,105 litres (292 US gallons; 243 Imp gallons).

SYSTEMS: Three batteries and 250 A starter/generator.

EQUIPMENT: Glass fibre hopper, capacity 2,385 litres (630 US gallons; 525 Imp gallons); Transland 0.96 m (3 ft 2 in) wide gatebox; five-blade ground-adjustable spraypump fan; pump shut-off valve. Optional crew-seat.