TYPE: Agricultural sprayer.

PROGRAMME: Follow-on from AT-400 of 1980, AT-402 first flight August 1988; certified November 1988; first delivery late 1988. Current 402A and 402B have Hoerner wingtips and increased span.

CURRENT VERSIONS: AT-402A: Introduced in mid-1997, supplementing AT-402B, powered by a 410 kW (550 shp) P&WC PT6A-11AG. Aimed at first-time turbine buyer and priced accordingly, complete with spray dispersal equipment, lights and air conditioning.
AT-402B: Combines fuselage, tail surfaces and landing gear of AT-400 with turboprop engine and wing of AT-401B.

Description refers to AT-402B, and is generally as for AT-401, except that below.

CUSTOMERS: Total of 68 AT-402s, 103 AT-402As and 32 AT-402Bs delivered by December 2002.

COSTS: Standard AT-402A with PT6A-11AG US$452,500; standard AT-402B US$545,000; or US$255,500 with customer-supplied PT6A-15AG, -27, -28 or -34AG engine (2002).

DESIGN FEATURES: Broadly as AT-401. All versions have steel alloy lower wing spar caps for long fatigue life and reinforced leading-edges to prevent birdstrike damage. Size 29x11.0-10 high-flotation tyres and wheels as standard.

POWER PLANT: One 507 kW (680 shp) P&WC PT6A-15AG, -27 or -28 turboprop, either new or customer-furnished, driving a Hartzell HCB3TN-3D/T1028N+4 three-blade constant-speed reversible-pitch propeller. Standard fuel capacity 644 litres (170 US gallons; 142 Imp gallons); optional fuel tankage 818 litres (216 US gallons; 180 Imp gallons) or 886 litres (234 US gallons; 195 Imp gallons).

SYSTEMS: 250 A starter/generator and two 24 V 21 Ah batteries.

EQUIPMENT: Hopper and gatebox size as for AT-401; optional equipment includes Transland extra high-volume dispersal system; engine-driven air conditioning system.