TYPE: Utility kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Development of Comp Air 6. First shown 1998.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Comp Air 7P: Piston-engine version.
Comp Air 7T: Turbine version.
Comp Air 7SL: Stretched version, introduced in 2001, with 30 cm (12 in) fuselage stretch and equal addition to wing chord; narrow window immediately to rear of front doors.
Comp Air 7SLT: Turbine version of 7SL.

CUSTOMERS: At least 80 flying or under construction by early 2002, including 25 turbine versions.

COSTS: Comp Air 7 US$49,995; Comp Air 7T US$54,995; Comp Air 7SL US$64,995; all minus engine (2003).

Data generally as for Comp Air 6, except those below.

DESIGN FEATURES: Suited for bush operations. Quoted build time 700 hours.

FLYING CONTROLS: Horn-balanced tail surfaces. Ground-adjustable tab on each aileron and on rudder. Trim tab in starboard elevator.

LANDING GEAR: Tailwheel type; fixed. Speed fairings optional. Mainwheels 8.00-6. Optional aluminium alloy landing gear available, as for Comp Air 6.

POWER PLANT: Comp Air 7: One Textron Lycoming TIO-540 rated between 194 and 261 kW (260 and 350 hp), driving a two-blade metal propeller. Fuel capacity 333 litres (88.0 US gallons; 73.3 Imp gallons); optional extra tank increases capacity to 455 litres (120 US gallons; 100 Imp gallons).
Comp Air 7T and 7SL: One 490 kW (657 shp) Walter M601D turboprop driving an Avia three-blade, constant-speed, feathering propeller; optionally a five-blade Avia Hamilton propeller can be used. Fuel capacity 568 litres (150 US gallons; 125 Imp gallons) in 7T, 719 litres (190 US gallons; 158 Imp gallons) in 7SL.

ACCOMMODATION: Pilot and up to six passengers in enclosed cabin. Third (rear passengers') door, starboard side.