Scaled Composites founded 1982; bought by Beech Aircraft Corporation (now part of Raytheon) June 1985; sold back to Burt Rutan November 1988 and integrated in joint venture with Wyman-Gordon Company of North Grafton, Massachusetts; is now owned by private investors following buy-out by Burt Rutan and 10 other investors; continues to provide R&D facilities to individuals and companies; several projects developed for Beech retained by Scaled.
Scaled Composites is responsible for research and development and prototype construction; company also active in UAV field. Current programmes include proprietary products; those emerging in 2002-03 include White Knight, SpaceShipOne and GlobalFlyer, known details of which follow.
Scaled produced the prototype and undertook early test flights of the Visionaire Vantage business jet. Similarly, Scaled was involved in the Adam M-309 (now A500), which it designed, built and flight tested.
The company's V-Jet II testbed for the Williams FJX-2 turbofan has been replaced by the Eclipse Eclipse 500.
Company currently has 130 employees and annual revenue of around US$22 million.

Additional Info

  • Address: 1624 Flight Line, Mojave, California 93501-1663, United States
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