The original Bellanca Aircraft Corporation was established in 1927 by Giuseppe Mario Bellanca and produced many high-wing and low-wing cabin monoplanes such as the Cruisair and Cruisemaster both before and after the Second World War, as well as several one-off transocean aircraft. Bellanca left the original firm to set up Bellanca Development Company in 1954, which was renamed Bellanca Aircraft Engineering in 1963 and AviaBellanca in 1983. AviaBellanca's designer is August Bellanca, son of Giuseppe, who died in 1960. New, all-composites August Bellanca-designed Skyrocket II introduced 1975 and set five NAA/FAI closed circuit speed records; improved Skyrocket III made public debut at Oshkosh 1997. Some 3,800 Bellanca-designed aircraft are registered in the USA.
By August 2003, the company was engaged in raising a second round of finance to complete development and testing of the skyrocket and as production working capital.

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  • Address: PMB 47, 2315 B Forest Drive, Annapolis, Maryland 21401, United States
  • Tel: (+1 410) 266 55 18
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