Formed in Ukraine in 1988. Aeros transfered its activities to the USA and was incorporated in Delaware in 1992, relocating to California in October 1993. Aeros' technical capabilities are based on more than 20 years of research (including that initiated before 1988 by former Soviet design bureaux) into LTA technologies, especially those relating to cargo airships. Its current operation combines manufacturing and flight test facilities, R&D, management and marketing. Aeros Airship Company subsidiary formed September 1999 to lease and operate Aeros airships; operations began, with an Aeros 40B, in November 1999. It has also produced a wide range of manned and unmanned civil and military aerostats for commercial, advertising, surveillance and scientific applications.
The company's current airship production is of the Aeros 40B. Development continues of the Aeroscraft, a partially buoyant lifting body with a 40 tonne payload capacity; this programme was previously covered by the Aeros D-1 and D-4 series of craft. Latest known design is the large ML passenger airship.
Stratospheric airship R&D is an important part of company business for the present and future. It is currently designing and manufacturing such a craft for the government of South Korea.

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  • Address: 8411 Canoga Avenue, Canoga Park, California 91304, United States
  • Tel: (+1 818) 993 55 33
  • Fax: (+1 818) 993 94 35
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