NATO reporting name: Clank

TYPE: Twin-turboprop aerial survey aircraft.

PROGRAMME: First flown 1974; built in small numbers.

VARIANTS: An-30: Basic photographic aircraft, as decribed in detail.
An-30M 'Sky Cleaner': Carries eight modular containers of granular carbon dioxide, instead of photographic equipment, in main cabin; this is seeded into clouds to induce precipitation over arable land, increase snow cover or fight forest fires, it can also protect specific areas, such as large city, against excessive precipitation by causing it to be distributed in surrounding regions. External pod on each side of centre-fuselage houses six multiple dispensers (similar to military IRCM flare dispensers) tor total of 384 meteorological cartridges that are fired into clouds. Capacity of each chemical modular container 130 kg (286 lb). Rate of discharge of carbon dioxide granules 0.8-6 kg (1.75-13.25 lb)/min. Chin radome standard.

CUSTOMERS: Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, USSR and possibly Vietnam.

DESIGN FEATURES: Developed from An-24RT and An-26; nose extensively glazed for navigator; flight deck raised to improve access to navigator's compartment; fewer windows in main cabin; standard port side cabin door at rear, forward freight door on starboard side, and load hoisting/conveyor system retained.




POWER PLANT: Turboprops and auxiliary turbojet as An-26; water injection system for turboprops; AV-72T four-blade constant-speed fully feathering and reversible-pitch propellers; max fuel capacity 6,200 litres (1,638 US gallons; 1,364 Imp gallons).

ACCOMMODATION: Flight crew of five (pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer, radio operator and navigator); two photographer/surveyors; provision for conversion to transport by placing cover plates over camera apertures; toilet, buffet and crew rest area with armchairs and couches standard.

SYSTEMS: All accommodation pressurised and air-conditioned.

EQUIPMENT: Equipment for map-making and air survey described in previous editions of Jane's; provision for automatic or semi-automatic photography; cameras, control desk, darkroom and film storage in main cabin.

AVIONICS: Radar optional in chin fairing.