Established as Svenska Aero Aktiebolaget (not related to SAAB) at Lidingö by C.C. Bücker to build to Heinkel designs. Early products included S.1 and S.11 seaplanes. HD.14 torpedo bomber and HD.17 fighter-recon biplane. Own designs began with Pirat 2-seat biplane (1927) land- or seaplane, 200 or 400 hp, followed by light Falken trainer and Jaktfalk fighter (1932). Potentially important, Jaktfalk suffered from Bücker’s departure and shaky state of firm, which in same year was taken over by ASJA. All work moved to Linköping but name remained Svenska, completing 5 J6 Jaktfalk built at Lidingö and building 3 more plus 7 J6B. See ASJA.

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