OKB, which is 57 per cent owned by AVPK Sukhoi, named for Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi, who headed it from 1939 until his death in September 1975. It remains one of two primary Russian centres for development of fighter and attack aircraft, and it is notable that 60 percent of front-line Russian Air Forces’ aircraft are of Sukhoi design. Bureau has widened its activities to include civilian aircraft, under konversiya programme. This offsets the drastic reduction in combat aircraft production and competition in the upgrade and overhaul market.

Sukhoi Advanced Technologies

This division is responsible for promotion and sales of Sukhoi light aircraft, such as the Su-29, Su-31, Su-38L and Su-49. It intended to relocate Su-29 and Su-31 production to KAPO at Kazan from 2002. Related activities include conversion of Su-26s and Su-29s with SKS-94 extraction systems.

Nauchno-Proizvodstvennoe Kontsern Shturmoviki Sukhogo (Sukhoi Stormovik Scientific-Production Concern)

Offers of upgrades of Su-25 'Frogfoot' to Russian and export customers.

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft

Subdivision formed May 2000; on 5 June 2000 signed agreement with Alliance Aircraft Corporation (USA) for joint development and production of StarLiner regional airliner. However, Sukhoi unilaterally cancelled agreement on 2 November 2000. In August 2001, Sukhoi revealed RRJ (Russian Regional Jet) programme in collaboration with Boeing. This selected in 2003 for production.


Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi

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