Smolensk Aircraft Plant (SmAZ) was established in 1926 as an aviation repair facility. In 1934, Bureau Osobikh Konstruktsii, OKB for experimental aircraft, relocated from Moscow to Smolensk GAZ-35, specialising in manufacture of prototype and experimental aircraft, including BOK series of stratospheric and ultra-long-range vehicles. Evacuated 1941-1943 and later overhauled Il-2 attack fighter. After Second World War, built Myasishchev M-17/M-55, wings for Yak-40 transports, and more than 500 Yak-18Ts from 1973. Built small number of early production Yak-42s alongside main series at Saratov (SAZ). Constructed Buran space shuttle. Government share was 25.5 per cent.
Production of Yak-18T was resumed 1993, five years after entire original fleet had been scrapped; more than 60 built up to 1996, when 15 placed in storage due to financial problems; production resumed in 1998; deliveries have included three to Ulyanovsk Aviation School in June 2001. Built three Yak-112 lightplanes before project transferred entirely to IAPO in Irkutsk. Other work included manufacture of RPVs and cruise missiles; wings for the Yak-42, upgrading of Yak-40s for business use (including additional fuel capacity), and development and production (from 1993) of Technoavia SM-92 Finist seven-seat STOL aircraft. By 2002, was marketing former Technoavia products in its own right.
Has built wing and empennage for first three Sukhoi Su-38L agricultural aircraft and will be responsible for series production. Currently producing one further M-55. Also participated in Yak-130 programme, building prototype. Overhauls some 10 to 15 Yak-18Ts per year. Non-aerospace activities include manufacture of cloth processing machines and medical equipment.

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  • Address: ulitsa Frunze 74, 214006 Smolensk, Russia
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