Founded in 1976, this 1.5 million m² (16.5 million sq ft) production facility, known Plant 25 (later UAIK - Ulyanovsk Aviation Industrial Complex), began manufacture of the Antonov An-124 heavy transport jet in 1985, following with the Tupolev Tu-204 aircraft in 1987 and the related Tu-234 in 1996.
In mid-1997, Aviastar agreed to merge with Tupolev design bureau and Aviacor. Tupolev merger effected 30 June 1999, forming Tupolev OAO with inputs from Russian government (51 per cent), Aviastar (43.6 per cent) and Tupolev Design Bureau (5.4 per cent). Under Russian government plans announced on 12 May 2001, Aviastar will be incorporated in major grouping also including RSK "MiG", Tupolev, Kamov, Aviacor and Sokol. Also in 1997 Aviastar Asia was formed in Taipei, Taiwan, as a joint venture with Asian interests to promote the Tu-204 in the Far East. Finance is provided by Aviastar Financial International, formed by Aviastar, Perm Motors and Moscow International Bank.
After five-year break, production of An-124 resumed with August 2000 delivery of one to Volga-Dnepr. State financing (Rb20 million) was received in 2000 for construction of a second assembly hall for An-124 production; however, by late 2001, Aviastar was urgently new financial support to clear its debts. This reportedly achieved in early 2002 when Cato Aromatic (Egypt) and Leader Group (Russia) agreed to fund between 30 and 50 new Tu-204 airframes in 2003-05 initial step being batch of 25 agreed in December 2002. In October 2002, Ilyushin Finance announced intention of ordering 46 Tu-204s over six years; first three confirmed almost immediately.
Tu-204 production rate remained at four per year in 2000, but entire plant operated at only 17 per cent capacity in 1999. Other activities include manufacture of bodies for Ikarus-280 bus and plans for major overhaul of LiAZ-677 buses.

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