Formed 29 October 1991 by the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) and a group of private shareholders, this company is successor to AIG Kovanko, established in November 1986 by Mr Fedorov. Early achievements included first hot-air ballon flight over Moscow (AIGK Aist) in September 1989 and first Russian advertising aerostat (unmanned AP-60) in December 1989. Became joint stock company on 22 January 1993; St Petersburg division formed 4 November 1993, Ulyanovsk division 15 May 1996.
Current range of inflatables comprises BB, Au-2250 and VB hot-air balloons; Au-8 captive manned aerostat; Au-900 manned aerostat; Au-2, Au-5, Au-6 and Au-10 captive advertising aerostats; a range of small geostats; for RD-1.5, RD-2 and RD-2.5 remotely piloted small airships. Other activities include rental and leasing of airships and manufacture of ground-based inflatables of all kinds.
In 1997, Avgur became a founder member, with MAI, of the RosAeroSystems consortium.

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  • Address: ulitsa Stepana Shutova 4, 109380 Moskva, Russia
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