Formed in 1974 to design and build gliders, small aircraft, flying-boats and amphibians, OKB Aeroprakt established a second centre at Kiev in 1986, only to be divided on dissolution of the USSR. Became LM Aeropract Samara, a joint Russo-Finnish venture, in 1991; KB Aeropract in 1993; Aeropract JSC in 1997 and Aeropract-Samara JSC in 2000.
The Russian Aeropract adopts a -ct ending in transliteration to differentiate it from the Aeroprakt now in Ukraine. The two copmpanies are no longer connected. Chief designer Igor Vakhrushev was killed in the crash of an Aeropract-23M in June 2000, after which production was suspended temporarily and the company split into two: Avantazh which continued with the modified version of Aeropract-27, the 27M, shown at Moscow in August 2001 and Aeropract-Samara, which is responsible for the Aeropract-33, first flown at Moscow in August 2001. In 2005, preliminary details of the A-37 were revealed.
In addition to aircraft, the company also manufactures floats for aircraft in the 700 to 1,400 kg (1,540 to 3,085 lb) range.

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