English name: Breeze
NATO reporting name: Cash

TYPE: Twin-turboprop transport.

PROGRAMME: Developed by Antonov in former USSR as An-28; robust utility transport for service on Aeroflot's shortest routes, particularly those operated by An-2s into places relatively inaccessible to other fixed-wing aircraft; official Soviet flight testing completed 1972; first preproduction An-28 (SSSR-19723) originally retained same engines as prototype, but re-registered SSSR-19753 April 1975 when flown with current engines; production assigned to PZL Mielec 1978; temporary Soviet NLGS-2 type certificate awarded 4 October 1978 to second Soviet-built preproduction aircraft.
Polish manufacture started with initial batch of 15; first flight of Polish An-28 (SSSR-28800) 22 July 1984; version received full Soviet type certificate 7 February 1986. Polish production now for domestic military use only.

CURRENT VERSIONS: M28B Bryza 1RM: Originally designated An-28RM Bryza 1RM (Ratownictwa Morskiego: maritime recconnaissance). Prototype (SP-PDC) first flown June 1992; to Polish Navy June 1993 for evaluation; later upgraded and redelivered (as 0810) March 1999. First production example (serial number 1022) delivered 25 October 1994 and since upgraded; two further examples (1008 and 1017) ordered January 1998 and delivered March 1999 to No. 3 Naval Air Arm Division at Siemirowice. These were supplied, and earlier aircraft upgraded, with Bendix/King Silver Crown avionics. Further four aircraft (1006 and 1114 to 1116) delivered in 2000-01. Upgrade of all eight has continued with introduced of Hartzell five-blade propellers (mid-2000); and semi-retractable landing gear (first flown on 0810 on 29 January 2003) and modified nose housing new (RDR-2000) weather radar. Further plans include provision for additional fuel tankage.
M28B Bryza 1TD: (Towaru Desantowego: cargo airdrop): Transport/paradrop version, designated for airdrop of paratroops or cargo containers, with folding seats, static lines and roller floor as appropriate. In medevac configuration, attachment provisions for six stretchers, oxygen mask container, resuscitator and medicare containers. Clamshell rear doors replaced by single door sliding forward under fuselage, similar to that of An-26. Previously known as An-28B1T, then An-28TD.
Prototype (SP-PDE) completed as B1 September 1991; to TD configuration May 1994 and to Air Force (as 07231) for evaluation May 1995; returned to PZL 1996. First production TD (1003) to Polish Air Force October 1994. Further 10 ordered for Polish Air Force 16 May 2001; deliveries began 26 March 2002 with 0203 and 0204; followed by 0205 and 0206 in May 2002.
Polish Navy also operates one aircraft (1007) originally converted from an An-28 as Bryza 2RF elint aircraft but delivered unequipped on 22 November 1996 and operated only in transport role.
Two Polish Navy aircraft (0404 and 0405, originally delivered as An-28s in October 1988) equipped in 2000-01 with Swedish Space Corporation (Ericsson) MSS 5000 maritime surveillance system for ecological monitoring and redesignated M28M Bryza E; 0405 recommissioned 28 November 2000; both redelivered to Polish Navy 18 January 2002; based at Gdynia. In these aircraft, single rear door is replaced by twin doors opening hydraulically inward, and additional side door installed in forward fuselage. Two similar aircraft delivered to Polish Air Force by end of 2001.
M28B Bryza 1RM/BIS: Designation of antisubmarine version, to which all eight current 1RMs eventually to be upgraded. Additional fuel tankage and semi-retractable landing gear. Mission subsystems include SRM-800 maritime surveillance system, ESM-10 ESM system, LS-10M datalink, HYD-10 submarine detection (sonobuoy) system, IFF-250 with BAE Systems APV-113 interrogator, Star SAFIRE II FLIR turret in redesigned nose, PIT ARS-800 radar, and a MAG-10 magnetometer.

CUSTOMERS: Bryza deliveries to Polish Navy totalled 13 by May 2002 comprising eight 1RMs, four Es and one 2FR; these equip the 3rd Division at Siemirowice. Polish Air Force has five Bryza 1TDs, with a further six to follow; these mainly with 13th Transport Regiment at Krakow, but two operated by 36 Squadron at Warsaw-Okecie in VIP transport role. PAF also has two Bryza Ms. Four Bryza IRM/BIS ordered by Vietnam in late 2003; Indonesia reportedly negotiating at that time for eight Bryza 1RM/BIS and four Skytrucks.

POWER PLANT: Two 716 kW (960 shp) TWD-10B/PZL-10S turboprops, each driving a AW-24AN three-blade or Hartzell HC-B5MP-3D five-blade propeller; first aircraft with latter was 0810, redelivered to Polish Navy on 27 August 2000. PT6A-65B engines available optionally in two 670 litre (177 US gallon; 147.4 Imp gallon) outer wing tanks and one 620 litre (164 US gallon; 136.4 Imp gallon) centre-section tank, giving total capacity of 1,960 litres (518 US gallons; 431 Imp gallons); programme to install auxiliary tanks on landing gear sponsons under development in 2002.

ACCOMMODATION (Bryza 1RM): Pilot, co-pilot, engineer and three systems operators.

AVIONICS (Bryza 1RM): Comms: LS-10C subsystem; Bendix/King KT 76A transponder, NATO-compatible IFF.
Radar: ARS-400 360° search and surveillance radar (86n mile; 160 km; 99 mile range), in underfuselage radome; Honeywell RDR-2000 weather radar in nose.
Flight: Include Bendix/King KNS 81S navigation system and KLN 90B GPS receiver.
Mission: Chelton DF 707-1 emergency locator system. SSC MSS 5000.

EQUIPMENT (Bryza 1RM): ACR/RLB-14 radio marker buoys; two 100 kg (220 lb) SAB-100NM illumination flares; five six-seat Mewa-6 dinghies, including two for crew.