TYPE: Twin-turboprop transport.

PROGRAMME: Conceived in response to interest expressed by potential customers. Ground test prototype, completed in August 1998, used component assemblies of standard M28. Programme continuing.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Passenger: Commuter transport.
Passenger/Cargo: With folding seats for 19 to 27 passengers.
Cargo: In two forms. One with rear fuselage clamshell doors or single ramp/door, both operated hydraulically, plus cargo hoist; the other with starboard-side large cargo door and set of floor rollers. Former optimised for miscellaneous small cargo, latter for accepting three LD-3-size containers; both with optional 2.0 m³ (70.6 cu ft) ventral pannier and auxiliary fuel tanks. These versions also offering medevac, paradrop (up to 27 paratroops) and long-range self-ferry configurations.

DESIGN FEATURES: Generally as described for Skytruck. Operable from concrete or unprepared airstrips.

POWER PLANT: Two 875 kW (1,173 shp) turboprops. Standard fuel capacity 2,228 litres (589 US gallons; 490 Imp gallons).