ZAKŁAD REMONTÓW I PRODUKCJI SPRZĘTU LOTNICZEGO (Aviation Equipment Repair and Production Works)

Edward Marganski has been connected with the design of several Polish light aircraft. His latest designs are the EM-10 Bielik, envisaged as a modern successor to the TS-11 Iskra jet trainer, and EM-11 Orka twin-engined utility aircraft.
Company established 1986 as first aeronautical private enterprise in Poland, initially inspecting and repairing wooden gliders and later extending capabilities to overhaul and repair of motor gliders and all-composites sailplanes. Cooperated with Krakow Aviation Museum in reconstructing four historical aircraft, followed by Grunau Baby reconstruction for a Swedish customer. Designed, built and flew Swift S-1 and MDM-1 Fox sailplanes under contract to those companies during 1990s, eventually producing nearly 30 of each type and modifying latter as motor glider. Bielik programme started 1999.
Non-aviation work has included composites components for motorcar bodies and, for Euros GmbH of Germany, 44 m (144.4 ft) diameter rotor blades for wind energy converters (WECs). In 2002, for customer in Belarus, designed and built components for a 1 MW WEC station said to be world's first to be based on the Magnus (rotating cylinder) effect. The factory has a floor area of 650 m² (7,000 sq ft) and a workforce (December 2002) of 27.

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  • Address: ulica Strażacka 60, PL-43 382 Bielsko-Biała
  • Tel: (+48 33) 815 01 10
  • Fax: (+48 33) 815 01 10
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