In 1912 Ministry of War issued requirement for construction of 70 aeroplanes by spring 1913. One of very few firms with capability was SIT (Società Italiana Transaerea), formed 1912 at Turin, factory on Corso Peschiera, with capital from several big industrialists and technical assistance from Blériot. Initial production comprised 47 Blériot 80-hp and 2 of 50 hp, and 31 Farman 70-hp. Blériot-Sit saw much action 1913-16. Voisit (Sit-built Voisin LA) produced in limited number (36) 1915. Later built SP 2 and 3 (Pomilio), but single prototype of company’s own Sit-biplane, Gnome-engined derivative of Farman F 20 (February 1913, only aircraft of SIT design). SIT wound up August 1917, factory taken over by Ansaldo following month.

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