Formed 1923 as Cantieri Navali Triestino, sometimes rendered as CNT or Cant but correctly as CANT, wholly-owned subsidiary of famed shipyard Cantieri Navali di Monfalcone, also of Trieste. Appointed chief designer Rafale Conflenti, previously with Savoia and CAMS, who concentrated on flying-boats. Important early designs: CANT 6 bomber and 6ter 11-passenger transport had 3 engines; airline SISA used most of 22 CANT 7 trainers and at least 15 CANT 10 and 10ter 4-passenger boats, a few CANT 18 trainers and 10 CANT 22 8-passenger transports; Regia Aeronautica used several versions of CANT 25 fighter. CANT 26 and 36 were 2-seat landplanes.

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