New company formed 1931 as Cantieri Riuniti dell’ Adriatico (CRDA), but products continued to be known by CANT title. Marshal Balbo persuaded Filippo Zappata to leave Blériot-SPAD and join as chief engineer. He produced few basic designs, but all outstandingly successful: Z.501 single-engined flying-boat (7 February 1934) named Gabbiano (Gull), 454 built by 1943; Z.506 3-engined 14-passenger seaplane flew 19 August 1935, 37 built; military Z.506B Airone (Heron) flown 1937, 322 built; Z.508 large 3-engined bomber flying-boat; Z.509 enlarged Z.506 for S. Atlantic mail route; Z.511 was world's largest twin-float seaplane (4 x 1,500 hp) for S. Atlantic route; Z.1007bis Alcione (Kingfisher) 3-engined landplane bomber flew 1938, 464 built by 1942. Z.1011 bomber remained prototypes, and Z.1018 Leone (Lion) could not be delivered in significant numbers before 1943 Armistice.

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