ALENIA AEROSPAZIO (A'Finmeccanica company)

Alenia Aerospazio, a Finmeccanica company, is the leading Italian aerospace designer and manufacturer. Employees total 12,000, engaged on projects and programmes for civil and military applications. Alenia Aerospazio is organised into two Divisions: Aeronautics and Space (Alenia Spazio SpA). On 14 April 2000, it signed a joint venture agreement with EADS to form the European Military Aircraft Company (EMAC), but early establishment was not achieved and intermittent discussions continued into 2002 before being abandoned. In January 2003, Alenia declined to take up offered 5 per cent stake in Airbus, but instead signed wide-ranging collaborative agreement with Boeing, with specific areas to be decided by committee formed in 2003.
Aeronautics Division dedicated to full range of activities, from design and production to modification and product support for both military and civil aircraft; most entail collaboration with other aerospace companies; in 2001, division had 9,415 employees and conducted 48 per cent of its activities in the military sphere.
Division's activities fall into categories of Military Aircraft, Regional Aircraft and Aerostructures. It also operates Officine Aeronavali Venezia, specialising in maintenance, overhaul and modification of commercial and military aircraft.
In military sector, company designs and produces derectly, or through international collaborations, combat and transport aircraft such as Tornado, Eurofighter Typhoon, C-27J, A400M and ATR 42 MP Surveyor; was also responsible for updating of the F-104S/ASA-M and TF-104G-M in service with Aeronautica Militare Italiana and has assembled AV-8B Harrier II Plus for the Italian Marina Militare.
In regional aircraft sector, activities include production of the ATR turboprop family developed with Aerospatiale Matra.
In the aerostructures sector, Alenia co-operates with other major aeronautical companies manufacturing structural parts for commercial aircraft such as B767, B777, B717, A321, A300/310, A330/A340, Falcon 900EX and Falcon 2000. Is 4 per cent risk-sharing partner in Airbus A380 programme, responsible for a fuselage section.
In the modification and maintenance field, Alenia Aerospazio has a full capability of design, production, installation and tests of complex parts and systems.

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