Costruzioni Aeronautiche Giovanni Agusta was established 1907, re-formed 1923. Various fixed-wing designs built prior to 1939. Company resurrected 1952 and obtained exclusive European licence for Bell 47, leading to major series of follow-on helicopters. Licence-produced Bell 204, 205, 206, 212 and 412 and Sikorsky S-61 series. Own designs include A 106, A 109 and A 129 Mangusta. In 1977 Agusta Group was established, taking over Elicotteri Meridionali, SIAI-Marchetti and others. In 1980s two additions were BredaNardi and Caproni Vizzola. Brindisi (ex-Meridionali) produces CH-47 Chinook. Agusta is 50/50 partner in EHI, participates in NH90 and Eurofar and has 8 international affiliates plus links with FMA and KoƧ (Turkey). SAAC no longer exists. Giovanni Agusta in 1991 was called Cascina Costa works, SIAI-Marchetti is Sesto Calende works, BredaNardi is Monteprandone works and Caproni-Vizzola has become Somma Lombarda works. See also Agusta (An AgustaWestland Company).

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