Design and development of the Saras twin-turboprop business and commuter transport is nearing fruition as an Indian programme, having previously appeared in the International section under the Myasishchev/NAL heading and latterly under that of the Indian National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL). It has received Rs 1.58 billion (US$33 million) funding from various Indian government agencies and is currently under the leadership of CSIR, which has created the Centre of Civil Aircraft Design and Development (CCADD) to act as the nodal agency to monitor and manage the programme. Many Indian public and private sector industries are participating in the venture, with manufacture of production components being carried out in 35 work centres across the country. Final assembly will be by NAL.

Additional Info

  • Address: Centre for Civil Aircraft Design and Development, C-MMACS Campus, Belur, Bangalore 560 037, India
  • Tel: (+91 80) 526 32 19
  • Fax: (+91 80) 526 77 81 and 529 82 92
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