Probably largest industrial group in country, Manfréd Weiss formed aviation subsidiary Weiss, Manfréd Flugzeug und Motorenfabrik AG 1928. Bought licences for Fokker C.V and F.VIII for clandestine LüH, plus 80 examples in 5 versions of Hungária (Udet U.12 Flamingo). WM's own Sport III 4-cylinder 136-hp engine powered later WM-10 and -13 2-seat biplanes. C.V. developed into WM-16A Budapest (550-hp GR Jupiter, for which WM had licence), but 16B had 860-hp GR K14 Mistral Major. This modified 1938 into WM-21 Sólyom multirole biplane, 25 built by WM, 43 by Mavag and 60 by MWG.

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