Frederick Sage & Co., Peterborough, were high-class woodworkers specializing in shopfitting. From early 1915 made airship parts, adding Short 184 torpedo/bomber seaplanes from June 1915, plus large numbers of BE.2c (Curtiss engined, installation by Sage) and Avro 504K. In September 1915 Sage hired E.C. Gordon England as designer/pilot. He led design of Sage 1, large bomber (2 x RR Falcon), but not completed. Sage 2, designed for Admiralty by C.W. Tinson, was 2-seat fighter with upper wing joined to fuselage by glazed cabin with Lewis gun on top; flew 10 August 1916, good performance. Sage 3 was Admiralty trainer biplane, 75-hp RR Hawk (5 January 1917). Sage 4a/4b/4c were patrol/trainer seaplanes with Hispano or Sunbeam engines, first flown 3 July 1917.

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