To distinguish Royal Navy Aeroplane Repair Depot (January 1915) from large RNAS station on Isle of Grain it was named Port Victoria. In 1916 Experimental Construction Depot began producing modified or even completely new aircraft. PV.1 was Sopwith Baby with high-lift wings. PV.2 was new-design anti-Zeppelin seaplane (June 1916), excellent aircraft. PV.4 was pusher 2-seat fighter seaplane (1917). PV.5 and 5a were single-seat fighter-bomber seaplanes (1917-18). The PV.7 Grain Kitten and PV.8 Eastchurch Kitten were small biplanes for operation from destroyers. PV.9 was single-seat fighter seaplane (December 1917). Last products were 8 Grain Griffin reconnaissance landplanes (early 1918).

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