Noel Pemberton-Billing was great character in pioneer days pre-1910, carrying out flying (mainly kite) experiments from 1903, learning to fly in one day; also MP, naval officer, author, visionary and businessman, starting design and manufacture of aircraft at Woolston, Southampton, June 1913. Coined 'Supermarine' as telegraphic address, aircraft known by this name, starting with Supermarine PB.1 flying-boat March 1914. Formed Pemberton-Billing Ltd June 1914, and when war broke out 4 August 1914 designed PB.9 fighting scout in one day and had it in air 7 days later (and very successful). PB.23 pusher fighter (August 1915) led to production PB.25. PB.29 anti-airship aircraft (1915) led to PB.31 Night Hawk (early 1916) quadruplane packed with remarkable features. From late 1916 company renamed The Supermarine Aviation Works Ltd.

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