In 1977 Government determined to nationalize British industry and passed Aircraft and Shipbuilding Industries Act, as result of which on 29 April 1977 ownership of British Aircraft Corp., Hawker Siddeley Aviation, Hawker Siddeley Dynamics and Scottish Aviation was vested in corporation called British Aerospace, former companies continuing to trade under original names. On 1 January 1978 BAe was split into Aircraft Group and Dynamics Group. Aircraft Group was itself divided into 6 operating divisions: Kingston/Brough, Hatfield/Chester, Warton, Weybridge/Bristol, Manchester and Scottish. These divisions linked historical partners and had nothing to do with type of work. On 1 January 1981 all business of this nationalized corporation was vested in British Aerospace plc (public limited company) under British Aerospace Act; after share offer a month later ownership became: HM government 48.43%, shareholders 48.43%, employees 3.14%. In May 1985 HM government offered for sale all its remaining shares. Following further reorganization company operated as 8 divisions: Weybridge (Weybridge, Brough, Manchester, Dunsfold, Hamble, Kingston and Woodford); Civil Aircraft (Hatfield, Chester, Bristol, Prestwick); Warton (Warton, Preston, Samlesbury); and 5 non-aircraft divisions. Further reorganization in 1989 resulted in all aircraft work being managed by 2 companies: BAe (Commercial Aircraft) Ltd. centred at Woodford (previously at Hatfield, being closed), and BAe (Military Aircraft) Ltd. centred at Warton. Further change in January 1992 split Commercial Aircraft into: BAe Airbus, making wings for all Airbus aircraft, mainly at Chester and Bristol; BAe Regional Aircraft, making BAe 146 and Jetstream 31, 41 and 61 (ex-ATP), and handling VC10 tanker and USAF F-lll support at Woodford, Prestwick, Bristol and elsewhere; and BAe Corporate Jets, making 125-800, BAe 1000 and Statesman at Hatfield and Chester. Also in January 1992 BAe Defence Ltd formed to combine Military Aircraft and Dynamics. Military Aircraft work includes Hawk in all versions and participation in EFA, Tornado, T-45A Goshawk, Harrier GR.7/Night Attack/AV-8B-Plus, Sea Harrier FRS.2 and TAV-8A, and update of Buccaneer and other aircraft. Dynamics produces air, army and naval weapons systems. Other aviation subsidiaries include Space Systems, Enterprises (managing Flying College, Prestwick) and BAe Simulation. Aerostructures Hamble sold. Partner in Airbus (20%), Eurofighter (33%), Panavia (42.5%) and SEPECAT (50%). Member of Euroflag and Alliance. New company Avro Int. formed 50/50 with TAC/Taiwan government to develop and produce RJ regional jet at Woodford and Taichung. Total employees about 119,000, including many non-aero (e.g. Rover cars, Royal Ordnance and Ballast Nedam). See Corporate Jets.

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