Shipbuilding and engineering firm William Beardmore & Co., Dalmuir, Scotland, built Austro-Daimler engines from early 1913, followed by licensed DFW and B.E.2c aircraft. G. Tilghman Richards then designed series of aircraft: W.B.I bomber, W.B.II to replace B.E.2c, W.B.III naval version of Sopwith Pup, and W.B.IV and V single-seat naval fighters. In 1923 contract for engines for R.101 airship; 1925 W.S. Shackleton designed W.B.26 2-seat fighter for Latvia; Air Ministry contract for 2 flying-boats (Inverness) and 1 giant landplane (Inflexible) all using Rohrbach stressed-skin construction. Seven civil prototypes ending with W.B.XXIV Wee Bee 1924.

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