British Aircraft Corp. Ltd formed February 1960 to comply with Government demand that TSR.2 attack bomber would be bought only from merged group. BAC grouped aircraft and missile interests of Bristol (20%), English Electric (40%) and Vickers (40%). Three wholly-owned operating subsidiaries retained identities: Bristol Aircraft, English Electric Aviation and Vickers-Armstrongs (Aircraft). These identities lost in May 1960, controlling interest acquired in Hunting Aircraft, adding Luton Division to 3 others: Filton (formerly Bristol), Preston (EE) and Weybridge (V). Apart from TSR.2, cancelled February 1965, products included Britannia, 188, 221 and Concorde at Filton. One-Eleven (assembled at Hurn), VC10/Super VC10, Viscount and Vanguard at Weybridge, Jet Provost/Strikemaster and H.126 at Luton and Canberra, Lightning, Jaguar and MRCA (later Tornado) at Preston. Merged into British Aerospace by nationalization of UK industry 29 April 1977.

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