Coventry Ordnance Works, famed for aircraft 37-mm cannon, absorbed Warwick Wright 1911, built original designs to 1914, then produced BE.2/8/12, RE.7/8 and Sopwith Snipe.
Cranfield Aeronautical Services, approved to design and manufacture, handle major modification, such as 748 fire-bomber and One-Eleven auxiliary fuel system.
Cranfield Institute of Technology carries out extensive commercial work ranging from feasibility studies through modification and manufacture to certification. See also Flight Invert Ltd.
Cranwell Light Aeroplane Club built CLA.2, 3 and 4A for Light Aeroplane Trials and racing 1924-6.
Croplease Ltd, Shannon, Ireland, purchased NAC.6 Fieldmasters; Croplease plc formed April 1989 to restart Fieldmaster/Firemaster assembly (parts from UTVA) and marketing.
Crosby Aviation, Knutsford, Cheshire, holds world rights for Andreasson BA-4B, and markets kits and plans.
Croydon construction firm awarded contract for Airco D.H.9 1918.
Sir Hugo Cunliffe-Owen, chairman of British-American Tobacco, formed company called BAO 9 August 1937 to build Burnelli aircraft. Changed name to Cunliffe-Owen Aircraft May 1938, and at Eastleigh, Southampton, built…
J.R. Currie designed Wot ultralight biplane built by Cinque Ports Aviation 1937, together with Wot 2 destroyed by bombs May 1940, but 3rd aircraft built at Eastleigh 1958: see Hampshire.
CW Aircraft Ltd, Slough, formed 1935 by Chronander and Waddington to build Cygnet 2-seater and 8-seat Swan (2 x Wasp Junior). Latter incomplete, former flown May 1937 but CWA failed…
Famous engine firm produced numerous RE.7, RE.8 and Snipe aircraft 1915-18.
A.R. Weyl designed pusher ultralight 1935, built by Zander & Weyl at Dunstable and named Dunstable Dart. In 1936 company renamed Dart Aircraft Ltd, and aircraft renamed Pup. In same…
Only known product of de Bolotoff Aeroplane Works, Sevenoaks, was SDEB.14 2-seat biplane designed by Prince Serge de Bolotoff, flown August 1919.
Dr N.A. de Bruyne (pronounced broony), principal of ARL (Aero Research Ltd), Duxford, built 4-seat Snark 1934 and Ladybird ultralight 1936-7.
Geoffrey de Havilland built motorcycle 1901 to commute to engineering school. Designed buses 1908, teamed with marine engineer F.T. Hearle, rented workshop off Bothwell St, Fulham, London, built biplane and…
Intended for instruction rather than manufacture, produced single examples of light aircraft TK.1-TK.5 1934-9, all with single Gipsy engine (TK.2 190 mph, TK.4 244 mph).
Deekay Aircraft Corp., Broxbourne, built Knight 2-seater 1937.
William Denny, shipbuilding/engineering at Dumbarton, built BE.2c/2e 1915-17.
Pioneer pilot Maurice Desoutter established Desoutter Aircraft Co. at Croydon 1929 to build Koolhoven FK.41 3-seater under licence. Total 41 built in successive versions.
Electrical engineering company at Preston, built 110 F.3 flying-boats 1917-18, became part of English Electric.
D.W.2 tandem-seat biplane designed for Dudley N. Watt by K.N. Pearson and built Brooklands 1930.
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