Furniture maker of Cambridge Rd, London W6, built D.H.9 and assembled US-built O/400, 1918.
WARRIOR (AERO-MARINE) LTD Company created in 1995 to develop and market Centaur six-seat amphibian; US subsidiary formed in January 2000 to promote aircraft in North American market. Funding acquired by…
C.T. Watkinson and C.W. Taylor built Dingbat ultralight monoplane at Teddington (June 1938).
G. & J. Weir, Cathcart, Glasgow, built B.E.2c, D.H.9 and F.E.2b 1915-18. In 1932-36 built W.1 to W.4 direct-control autogyros.
UK by choice, Alsatian by birth, José Weiss was famed landscape artist and much-loved aviator; sought stable glider from 1900, pioneered thick aerofoil profiles (esp. 1905 glider), from 1910 built…
Wells Aviation Co. was small firm at Chelsea, London (30 Whitehead's Grove, later 10a Elystan St), built D.H.9, Sopwith 1½-strutter and company's own Reo single-seater (35-hp Green), all 1916-17.
WESTLAND HELICOPTERS LIMITED (an AgustaWestland company) Westland Aircraft Ltd (later expanded to Westland Group plc) formed July 1935, taking over aircraft branch of Petters Ltd (known previously as Westland Aircraft…
Westwind Corp. Ltd, Edgware, Middlesex, produce Phoenix canard ultralight, with 50 hp for 'working' uses.
W.H. Ekin (Engineering) Co. Ltd, Aberdeen, formed March 1969 to produce 6 McCandless Mk IV autogyros, developed into Airbuggy with many changes (1 February 1973).
Slymph single-seat monoplane built by Allen Wheeler at RAF Hinaidi, Iraq, 1931; preserved by Shuttleworth.
John Samuel White was flourishing boatbuilder at East Cowes, Isle of Wight, who on 1 January 1913 opened Aviation Department. All own-design aircraft called Wight, not only for location but…
Whitehead Aircraft Co., Old Drill Hall, Townshend Rd, Richmond, Surrey, built substantial numbers of B.E.2a, D.H.4 and Sopwith Pup, 1915-17. Also prototype Whitehead Scout single-seater 1916.
David Williams, designer of IML Addax, returned to UK to promote advanced devices 1985.
Boatbuilder H. Williams, Littlehampton, built fuselages/hulls of various White & Thompson and Norman Thompson aircraft.
Willoughby Delta Co., Witney, Oxon, built F experimental twin-boom 2-seater (2 x Menasco) early 1939.
Wolseley Motors Ltd, Adderley Park, Birmingham, pioneer car manufacturer, produced aero engines 1909-36, and in 1915-18 BE.2c and 2e and SE.5a (with Wolseley engine).
Wren Aircraft Ltd formed 1946 at Kirklinton, Carlisle, producing single Goldcrest aerobatic single-seat monoplane.
Brothers Howard and Warwick Wright took over Short Brothers works under Battersea railway arches late 1909, building Avis monoplanes and Voisin-style biplanes, many variations.
L.E. Baynes designed special research aeroplane, based on Proctor IV, but with new wings incorporating R.T. Youngman's full-span slotted flaps, called Youngman-Baynes High-Lift, built by Heston (5 February 1948).
At Dunstable, built Dart, Pup and Kitten; renamed Dart Aircraft.
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