Capt. D.M.K. Marendaz and others formed International Aircraft & Engineering Ltd at Maidenhead 1935. Built at least 2 aircraft including first Marendaz Mk IIA, but Cordwallis Works destroyed by fire…
John O. Isaacs specialized in scaled fighters; plans available for Hawker Fury (biplane) 7/10 linear scale, and Spitfire 6/10.
Island Aircraft, subsidiary of Taurus Aviation, was formed 1988 to take over development and marketing of Super 2 from defunct ARV. In turn failed 1991.
Jackaroo Aircraft formed 1956 as associate company of Wiltshire School of Flying, Thruxton, to modify Tiger Moth to multirole 4-seater or ag-aircraft. About 100 Thruxton Jackaroo kits produced 1958-60.
Joucques Aviation Co., Willesden, subcontractor on B.E.2b production 1914-15. Premises taken over by BAT 1917.
David Kay formed Kay Gyroplanes Ltd 1929. First successful autogyro 1932, best-known was Kay Gyroplane, built at Eastleigh by Oddin, Bradbury & Cull 1935.
At Kingsbury, Middlesex, built 150 D.H.6 1917. Designed large triplane seaplanes to carry Davis gun but cancelled 1918.
Kirby Kitten 2-seat monoplane registered G-ALGA November 1949, but never completed; was being built by well-known glider company.
Robert Kronfeld took over British Aircraft Co. on Lowe Wylde’s death May 1933, refining Pianette into Kronfeld Drone. Company renamed Kronfeld Ltd 1936, building 33 Drones and 1 improved Kronfeld…
Capt. E.W. Wakefield formed Lakes Flying Co. 1911 and, after operating Roe-built Waterbird from Windermere, designed and built Water Hen as passenger carrier, flown intensively until 1916. Gnosspelius-designed monoplane (13…
Lancashire Aircraft Co. formed 1960 out of Samlesbury Engineering, taking over production of former Edgar Percival EP.9 as Lancashire Prospector at Squire’s Gate, Blackpool, as well as Samlesbury, until 1963.
London Aircraft Production Group formed 1942 to build Halifax bomber, members being: London Passenger Transport Board (Chiswick and Aldenham), Chrysler, Duple Bodies, Express Motor & Body and Park Royal Coachworks,…
Cedric Lee and George Tilghman Richards built series of annular (circular)-winged biplanes and monoplanes 1911-14.
Member of Ready-Mix Concrete group, Thorpe Park, Surrey, produce replicas of First World War fighters and other historic aircraft.
Renato Levi produced PL.3 Monsoon 2-seat monoplane 1960 (plans from Western Aircraft, Calgary, Canada) and PL.6 ultralight biplane 1974.
LINDSTRAND BALLOONS LTD Formed November 1991. Workforce more than 70 in 2002. Company is now part of Cameron Holdings Group, but Per Lindstrand retains a 35 per cent shareholding. Product…
David M. Livesey built D.L.5 ultralight 1978.
Former test pilot David Lockspeiser spent 1965-85 working on LDA (Land Development Aircraft), tandem-wing utility aircraft with military potential; 70% scaled prototype flown August 1971.
London and Provincial Aviation Co. formed October 1913, office in Edgware and flying school at nearby Hendon where built Caudron G.III trainer under licence. A.A. Fletcher joined from Martinsyde 1916…
Amateur F. Harold Lowe built HL(M).9 Marlburian monoplane (60-hp Gnome) at Newcastle upon Tyne early 1921.
Built series of Pianettes at Hanworth (1932), BAC VII gliders with 600-cc Douglas or Coventry Victor engines.
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