TYPE: Side-by-side ultralight.

PROGRAMME: Design began August 1996 and programme launched two months later; prototype (WBA-01) construction began November 1996; first flight 15 March 1998; French certification achieved July 1998. Assembly of first production aircraft began October 1998 for first flight in August 1999; however, flight testing of prototype had by then demonstrated insufficient margin for useful load within ultralight weight limits.
The design was then completely revised and a new Zùlù made its first flight, unannounced, in late 2001; certification of ultralight version intended to be complete by mid-2002 and of heavier version (to meet VLA flight conditions) in mid-2003. Neither target achieved due to company's financial position.

CUSTOMERS: First order placed 5 October 1998; four on order by December 1998.

No data have been released for current Zùlù.