TYPE: Tandem-seat kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Prototype (91-KJ) first flew 5 May 1996. Certified to JAR-VLA standard in France.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Ultralight: Optional 450 kg (992 lb) MTOW in Europe or 544 kg (1,200 lb) in USA.
Certified: MTOW 598 kg (1,320 lb).
Description applies to certified version, except where otherwise stated.

CUSTOMERS: Production totalled 17 by June 1999. No more recent news has been received although promotion was continuing in 2002.

COSTS: FFr290,000, basically equipped, plus VAT (1997). Floats FFr36,000 extra.

DESIGN FEATURES: Braced high-wing monoplane, suitable for wide range of tasks including surveillance, mapping, cargo, medical and agricultural duties. Wings and tail fold for storage. Airframe design life of 10,000 hours.
Wing supercritical profile NASA LS1 0417 mod; incidence 4o 30', dihedral 2o.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Horn-balanced rudder. Elevator movement ±24o, rudder movement ±21o, aileron movement +8/-15o. Flight-adjustable trim tab on starboard elevator. No flaps.

STRUCTURE: Dacron-covered chromium-molybdenum tubular steel fuselage. Wing main spar of three-ply birch with carbon fibre spar cap, glass fibre ribs and plywood-covered leading-edge, all covered with Dacron.

LANDING GEAR: Tailwheel type, non-retractable; drum brakes. Mainwheels 8.00-6. Optional float (Stephane Morosini/Hydro Aero Concept two-step) or ski gear can be installed in quoted time of 2 hours; additional pick-up point for both forward of main legs. Tundra tyres can be fitted for rough field operations.

POWER PLANT: One 62.5 kW (83.8 hp) JPX 4TX75A flat-four with dual ignition, driving a ULX two-blade wooden propeller. Fuel capacity 110 litres (29.0 US gallons; 24.2 Imp gallons). Oil capacity 11.4 litres (3.0 US gallons; 2.5 Imp gallons).

ACCOMMODATION: Pilot and passenger in tandem, with dual controls.

SYSTEMS: All electric systems corrosion proof on floatplane version.

AVIONICS: Flight: GPS optional.
Instrumentation: ASI, VSI, compass, altimeter, oil temperature, oil pressure, tachometer, fuel gauges.

EQUIPMENT: For surveillance, video cameras can be fitted beneath wings; four Micronair 7000 spray atomisers can be fitted on underwing bar, with a 150 litre (39.6 US gallon; 33.0 Imp gallon) tank fitted under fuselage.