Formed 1 March 1957 by merger of Sud-Est Aviation and Ouest-Aviation. Largest programme SE.210 Caravelle (27 May 1955); other important tasks completion of production of SO.4050 Vautour IIA, IIB and IIN, and development and production of Alouette II, Alouette III, Super Frelon and Djinn helicopters. In 1959-60 converted 220 T-28A into Fennec attack aircraft for Algerian war, and built 166 S-58 helicopters under Sikorsky licence. In 1960 agreed with Dassault to build Super Caravelle SST, which led to 29 November 1962 agreement between governments of France and UK to build Concorde. Contributed major components to Mirage IVA, Atlantic and VC10. On 10 July 1962 obtained licence for Gardan GY 80 Horizon, leading to SOCATA. In 1963 studied Galion short-range wide-body, leading to supposed political design leadership on Airbus A300. In 1968 collaborated with Nord-Aviation on SN 600 Corvette bizjet. On 1 January 1970 merged with Nord-Aviation and SEREB to form Aerospatiale.

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