André Starck flew Chanute-type gliders pre-First World War, and a Mignet Pou 1935. Then designed AS.10 tandem-seat biplane, followed by AS.20 tandem-wing (narrow-gap biplane) flown 23 October 1942. Formed Avions André Starck 1945 to build conventional AS.57 low-wing side-by-side, similar AS.70 Jac, AS.71, AS.80 Holiday tandem-seat high-wing (available 1952 as factory-built at Boulogne-Billancourt or as kit), and AS.90 New Look single-seater (11 June 1950). Last designs were AS.37 (13 January 1977) with AS.20 wing arrangement (100 + plans sold) and Super New Look flown after his death in 1979.

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