Société Provençale de Constructions Aéronautiques formed 1924 at Marseilles and La Ciotat as aircraft subsidiary of SPC Navales and shipping line Messageries Maritimes. In March 1925 obtained rights to build Météore aircraft from CGCA, producing several Météore 63 3-engined flying-boats. Under Paulhan-Pillard licence built E.5 patrol or transport flying-boat (3 x Jupiter) and T.3-BN4 torpedo/bomber seaplane (2 x Jupiter). SPCA own designs included 30-M4 fighter with twin fuselages, central nacelle and crew of 4. Type VII was 3-engined Colonial transport, Type 81 a 4-passenger metal Colonial monoplane (300-hp Titan Major) and Type 90 another metal Colonial monoplane (3 x 350-hp) for passenger, cargo or ambulance duties.

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