Following forced nationalization Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Sud-Ouest formed November 1936, taking over Blériot-SPAD, LeO and SASO and a number of Bloch factories. After 1940 by far the most important group working under German direction, building Fw 189, He 111 and Ju 52/3m. Already largest group, made bigger by absorbing SNCAO in 1941. At Châteauroux Bloch 175 multirole bomber remained in production until Germans took over unoccupied zone, its engines thereafter being shipped to Germany for Me 323. Group of Châteauroux engineers formed Groupe Technique de Cannes, producing SO.90 transport (2 x 375-hp Béarn) which on maiden flight November 1942 took off with 9 on board, under noses of Italian guards, and crossed Mediterranean to Philippeville. Major post-war products included SO.30 Bretagne transport, SO.4050 Vautour attack and night fighter, Djinn helicopter and SO.9050 Trident rocket/jet interceptor. Renamed Ouest Aviation 1 September 1956.

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