Société Industrielle Pour l'Aéronautique formed 1938 at Suresnes (Paris) to support established companies (Morane-Saulnier, Lioré et Olivier and Amiot) by supplying mass-produced parts. In 1943 assigned responsibility for Arado Ar 396 advanced trainer, delayed until after liberation (29 December 1944), produced as SIPA S.10 (28), S.11 (50), all-metal S.12 (52) and refined S.121 (58), later modified as attack aircraft for Algerian war, total 234. Light 2-seat S.90 (1947) led to large numbers of S.901/902 trainer/tourers. S.200 Minijet (14 January 1952) and 300 (4 September 1954) were diminutive jet trainers. Final designs were 1000 Coccinelle light 2-seater, 1100 military multirole STOL armed transport and S.2150 Antilope 4/5-seater (7 November 1962) powered by Turbomeca Astazou turboprop. Income increasingly from subcontract to Sud-Aviation, losing identity.

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