Emile Salmson established Société des Moteurs Salmson 1912 to produce aero-engines, especially Canton-Unné water-cooled radials. In 1916 built S-M.1 biplane designed by Lt. René Moineau with shaft drives to 2 tractor propellers. Far more successful was conventional Type 2 or 2A2 armed reconnaissance biplane (January 1917) of which about 3,200 were built. Some dozens were converted to, or completed as, post-war 'Limousine' passenger aircraft. Others licence-built in Japan. Aircraft manufacture lapsed until in 1925 Béchereau appointed designer, producing SB5 (Salmson-Béchereau 5) monoplane fighter, modified to SB 6 (SRAP 2). Work again lapsed until in 1934 Paul Deville produced Phrygane high-wing cabin 3-seater followed by D.6 Cri-Cri parasol 2-seater (1936), latter built by Salmson, Kellner-Béchereau, Fouga, SFAN and Blériot. Post-war Salmson designs by CFA.

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