Dyn'Aéro formed September 1992 by Christophe Robin, son of the founder of Avions Pierre Robin; his initials (CR) appear in aircraft designations. Initial product was CR100, flown two weeks before formation of company. Two new designs derived from CR100 announced in March 1995: CR110 and CR120; simultaneously, MCR01 also announced. The new MCR01 Club flew in June 1998 and a four-seat version in June 2000. Production facilities at Darois aerodrome comprise 2,450 m² (26,375 sq ft) of workshops, storage and offices. Plans announced in February 2002 for establishment of a subsidiary, Dyn'Aero Iberia at a new factory in Portugal, permitting an increase in annual production from 50 to 100 aircraft (initially of MCR ULC), with first airframe from new facility expected within 18 months.
By October 2002, 310 Dyn'Aéro kits had been sold, of which more than 220 aircraft were flying.

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  • Address: 19 rue de l' Aviation, F-21121 Darois, France
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